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I have made the following drawings after being pleasantly surprised by some foreshortening I ‘ve been struck by during my travels in Cornwall, Dorset and Northern Europe.  Most of these sketches are made by ink, without any preparatory drawing but directly with the pen.


Urqhart Castel, Scotland

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 18 x 24

private collection

whitby.02 --800px

Saint Hilda of Whitby, North Yorkshire

ballpoint pen, cm 30 x 21


That’s a new one I’m working on these days…what I would call “the beauty of decay”




The Croyland Abbey in Lincolnshire.

ballpoint pen, cm 15 x 18.



Wells Cathedral, Somerset

ballpoint pen, cm 18 x 24





Saint Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 4 x 9

private collection

workin' -cathedral 400

Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff

ballpoint pen, cm 16 x  21






Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna

ballpoint pen, cm 18 x 24


WP_20160317_013 - Copia

Basilica delle Vigne, Genova

ballpoint pen, cm 18 x 24


The center of Italy is full of incredibly suggestive places, and the following is one of them. The concathdral of San Leo, which was built in 1173 on a rock, already prehistoric place of worship.


Duomo di San Leo, Emilia Romagna

ballpoint pen, cm 21 x 29


These other works are about some examples of romanesque architecture in my hometown Piedmont, Italy .


Sacra di San Michele, Piedmont

graphite and ballpoint pen on paper, cm 18 x 24




San Secondo di Cortazzone, Piedmont

ballpoint pen on paper,  cm 18 x 24



Saint Peter’s Baptistery, Piedmont

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 20 x 20



Certosa di Banda,  Susa Valley

ballpoint pen, cm 13 x 9



Novalesa Abbey, cloister

ballpoint pen, cm 13 x 18


This church is a very special one, which i loved since my childhood. I used to walk here, fascinated by these very high and white walls.. It was built in two different styles, Romanesque and Gothic. A cartouche and numerous sculptures in front, could indicate as major donor of this cathedral Richard I the Plantagenet, stopped in Apulia during his return trip home from bankruptcy III Crusade.


Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, Barletta

ballpoint pen, cm 10 x 14



I love the architecture, but not only that sacred. I like to appreciate the urban scenarios, both Italian and northern Europe. I traveled a lot and I always paid attention to the suggestive views that I could know. I guess Bath is one of the  most fascinating cities  I’ve ever been and  somehow it reminds me of my hometown Turin..perhaps because both have the same Roman origins


The Pulteney Bridge, Bath

ballpoint pen on paper, cm  15 x 21


Bath.version2 001

The Pulteney Bridge, Bath - other view

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 15 x 21


The ballpoint pen allows to achieve suggestive “chiaroscuro” effects which does justice to the beauty of  foreshortening of Turin I’ve chosen as  subject.

Gran Madre,Turin

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 15 x 21

private collection




Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 13 x 18




Tram in Via Pietro Micca, Turin

ballpoint pen on paper, cm 15 x 13

Railcar at the Old Harbour of Trieste

ballpoint pen, cm 18 x 24


I love the old industries, which sometimes overlook in narrow alleys, giving the impression of being back in the nineteenth century.


Former Tobacco Factory , Turin

ballpoint pen, cm 18 x 24


Sometimes I notice how have changed our cities, marked today by cold foreshortenings and vilified by the sight of real “monsters”.                              But are they to become artistic subjects?


View of Portogruaro, detail

ballpoint pen, cm 12 x 14


This is absolutly the view that I love!


Anstruther Harbour, study

graphite and ballpoint pen, cm 15 x 21




ballpoint pen, cm 18 x 24



Naïf borough

ballpoint pen, cm 13 x 18

Here are some experiment with colour mixing…



ink, watercolor on paper, 18 x 24 




ink, coffee and gouache, 18 x 24


david bernini

Bernini’s David

ink, tea, gouache – cm 18 x 24


And here is the protagonist of  “The Nonexistent Knight” by Italo Calvino



ink, tea, gouache, cm 11 x 15


A test of print publishing



Another knight..this is from Ingmar Bergman’s  “The Seventh Seal”..
The knight Antonius Block plays his game of chess with Death

ballpoint pen, cm 21 x 24


ballpoint pen on paper, cm  8 x 11




ballpoint pen,  cm 21 x 28


billy.idol 001

Billy Idol

ballpoint pen, cm 12 x 12
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